Inspired by english prog rock bands in early 70's like Yes, Genesis etc. the students of Tallinn Technical University Margus Kliimask (bass), Indrek Patte (vocals) and Madis Lepasoo (keyboards) decided to form a group to perform their original musical ideas.

   In 1979 they wrote the first prog rock influenced songs - Morpheus’ Garden (Kliimask), Madame Tussaud's Court (Patte), Another Side (Lepasoo).

   The group LINNU TEE (Milky Way, also Flyway) was formed by Patte, Kliimask, Lepasoo, one of the best guitar players in Estonia Toomas Vanem and Jüri Mazurchak on drums and percussion in 1985 in Tallinn, Estonia.

   In 1986 Toomas Vanem, who signed the deal with jazz rock group Radar, was replaced by Endel Jõgi (ex - Gunnar Graps Group, Argos).

Indrek Linnu Tee 1986   In May 1986 Linnu Tee recorded its first songs in studio and played the first gig at the Tartu Rock Festival, biggest and most important rock event in Estonia at that time. The group won the best debut award which was later revoked caused by conflict with officials of the communist regime and the band was officially banned for one year.

Members of Linnu Tee played in different musical projects and groups - Kliimask and Jõgi in prog group P3, Lepasoo in Mahavok, Patte in estonian prog giant Ruja. In 1988 Endel Jõgi (now Endel Rivers) moved to Australia to start a solo career playing prog and jazz (his latest CD Hardbite was recorded with professional studio musicians in 2002).

   In Linnu Tee Endel Jõgi and Margus Kliimask were replaced by Raul Jaanson (guitars) and Paul Kikerpuu (bass, ex - Radar).

   In 1989 Kliimask rejoined the band. Lepasoo was replaced by Ivo Vanem (keyboards) and Mazurchak by Tarvi Jaago (drums and percussion, ex - P3). Harmo Kallaste joined as the second keyboard player in April 1989. The most famous lineup: Patte, Kliimask, Jaanson, Jaago, Kallaste and Vanem played together at different festivals and recorded the first album LINNU TEE (1989 - 1990).

   In 1990 video set of seven songs from the first album was released, directed by Jaanus Nõgisto (ex - Ruja). The same year listeners of Rock Radio in Estonia voted Crazy Too Crazy the best hard rock song.

  In 1991 band’s musical direction moved closer to hard rock. Jaago, Kallaste and Ivo Vanem quit the band and were replaced by Aivar Oja (guitar, from r'n'b group Kolumbus Kris, ex - GGG) and Ardo Põder (drums, from speed metal group Shower). Linnu Tee recorded new tracks for their second album. Single In The End Of The Road reached Top 20 of Estonian radio programs for weeks.

  In 1992 Oja left the band to continue with Kolumbus Kris and Toomas Vanem rejoined Linnu Tee. In 1993 Kliimask quit and was replaced by Allan Mägi (bass). Ardo Põder, who continued with hard rock group House Of Games was replaced by Raimond Vahter from Nice Try. Linnu Tee started to perform rock'n' roll covers in the clubs. In 1994 band’s musical activity declined and there were only a few performances.

   In 2002, after four years of silence Linnu Tee made a successful come back at prog festival KURI PROGE performing a Genesis classic Supper's Ready from the album Foxtrot (1972).


Linnu Tee's new lineup is Patte (vocals), Kliimask (bass), Jaanson (guitars), Jaago (drums, flute), Robert Jürjendal (acoustic guitar, from prog and jazz groups Fragile and Weekend GuitarTrio, also worked with Robert Fripp), Igor Garshnek (keyboards, ex - Ruja, Synopsis, Data). At present time Linnu Tee is finishing the second album including songs from 1991-2002.